Audio Tape Recording
Corinth's Audio Tape Recording Ministry was founded by Deaconess Carrie Dickens.  Each Sunday service is recorded and audio copies are made available to members and visitors.

Church Canteen
The Church Canteen (located in the Annex building) provides the opportunity to purchase snacks and drinks after service.  The Canteen is operated by Sister Sadie Smith and all proceeds go towards our church's Building Fund.

Church Photography/Videography
Deacon Luke Howell serves as Corinth's official photographer and is responsible for numerous photos featured on this site.  Additionally, Deacon Howell videotapes special services/events and produces copies upon request.

Dance Ministry
The Dance Ministry performs under the direction of Deaconess Carrie Dickens.  This group consists of several young members who express their praise and worship in dance to the powerful emotion of music.

Deacon Ministry
Deacon Larry Overton, Chairman

The main focus of the Deacon Ministry is to identify projects and opportunities which will generate income to help build our new Fellowship Hall.  In addition to numerous other responsibilities, the deacons offer support to the Pastor, assist in administering Holy Communion, encourage unity among the members, and maintain the security and upkeep of the church and its grounds.

Deaconess Ministry
Deaconess members assist with the preparation of Holy Communion, prepare candidates for baptism, perform hospital visits, offer scripture and prayer during worship services, and serve as mentors to our youth.

Floral Decoration Ministry
Sister Marie Wilson creates the beautiful floral arrangements displayed in the pulpit and other common areas throughout the church.  She prepares unique decorations for all special occasions and maintains the live flowers in the planters outside the front entrance of the church.

Missionary Ministry
Missionary Doris Hayden, President

The lifetime commitment of a missionary is to reach out to individuals who are lost in the world and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Their current goals are to assist with the expansion of community evangelism, uplift and encourage others through difficulties, and maintain contact with distant members and those who are ill, hospitalized, or confined to their homes.  The duties of missionaries are ever changing, but some of their routine duties include preparing and distributing monthly free food donations, providing Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, teaching class for Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, and serving as liaisons between the Pastor and members who need guidance and direction.

Additionally, every 5th Sunday of the month has been designated as Missionary Sunday.  The missionaries conduct worship service devotion and offer words of encouragement to the congregation.

Music Ministry
Corinth's Music Ministry is headed by Minister Janice P. White, Minister of Music, and Deaconess Jacqueline Prescott, Assistant Minister of Music.  Under their direction, our church is blessed to usher in the presence of the Lord through songs and high-spirited praise.

The Music Ministry is blessed with a variety of musicians such as pianists, drummers, guitarists, and our trumpet player.  We have two  praise and worship teams (Vessels of Praise and The Youth Praise & Worship Team) and the following choirs/choruses: Gospel Chorus, Inspirational Choir, Faith Ensemble, Voices for Christ, Youth Choir, and the Male Chorus.

New Members Ministry
This ministry was formed by Sister Nancy Rice and serves as a vital instrument in welcoming new members to our church.  All newcomers are encouraged to participate in church activities and join a ministry to grow and excel within.  The New Members Club sponsors many fundraising events and provides helpful materials to promote spiritual knowledge and growth in Christ.

Nurses Unit
Corinth's Nurses Unit, established by Sister Nancy Rice and Sister Lola Sheffield, consists of several devoted women who demonstrate exceptional care and genuine concern for God's people during worship services, funerals and other events when necessary.

Pastor's Aid Ministry
This ministry is led by Deaconess Hattie Dickens and focuses on providing the Pastor and his family with special services and resources.  The Pastor's Aid ministry works diligently to coordinate the church's efforts in the acknowledgement and appreciation of Pastor Dickens during special occasion.

Sunday School Ministry
The Sunday School Ministry is headed by Rev. Almond Dickens, Sr. (Superintendent).  Rev. Dickens and other Sunday School instructors are dedicated to teaching youth and adult classes each Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

Trustee Ministry
Trustee Danielle Rice, Co-Chair
TrusteeTryphenia Dickens Palmer, Co-Chair

The Board of Trustees serve as financial caretakers of the church.  They produce weekly financial reports, maintain an accurate account of church assets, property and equipment, assist the church with updating church policies, and prepare the Church Budget and Annual Report.

Usher Ministry
Missionary Peggy King, President

Organized by our former pastor, Reverend L.T. Rice, the Usher Ministry was headed by Deaconess Hattie Dickens for over 30 years.  Through workshops and regular meetings with Pastor Dickens, our ushers have been taught and trained to stand tall and boldly serve as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord.  Some of our ushers start out as young as five years old.  The Ushers Ministry has grown considerably over the years and they continue to represent the church in a mighty way.

Youth Ministry
Missionary Ethel Johnson, Director

The Youth Ministry serves to motivate and mentor the youth of our church by providing instruction and guidance in Christian love, fellowship, spiritual, and social needs.  Our main objective is to assist in preparing them to assume various roles and responsibilities to preserve the great legacy of our church.

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